How much access does a grab lorry need?

Our grab lorry can access most sites, however there are some restrictions.  Where waste collection is necessary away from a road, we need a minimum of 9 feet width for the lorry to access.  


In some instances, the proximity of overhead cables and trees need to be considered.  If you are unsure whether access to your site would be possible, please contact us for guidance.  


What material can you take?

The vast majority of material we move is classified as inert material such as soil, hardcore, bricks and green waste.  Please note that environmental legislation restricts certain waste types from being carried within our lorries.  Each of the following items should be processed and/or recycled according to local authority guidance and Health & Safety regulations:
Computer monitors and Televisions
Fridges and Freezers
Gas canisters
Paint tins
We regret that due to waste disposal site requirements, we are unable to remove and dispose of tree stumps.


What are your operating times?

Our normal delivery and collection times are Monday to Friday 7:00 to 17:30, excluding public holidays.  


Can we specify timed delivery and collections?

Although we cannot accept specific delivery and collection times, we will endeavour to do so.  If you have a specific requirement, please make it clear at the time of your booking.


What happens to my waste once it has been collected?

All waste is transported to one of our licensed recycling facilities, where it is screened to recover as much recyclable material as possible.  Our objective is to send the minimum amount of waste to landfill.


I have a garden where I will place the waste ready for collection.  I'd like to minimise the damage to my lawn as much as possible.  What would you advise?

We collect waste from many domestic sites where customers have invested huge amounts of time, effort and money on their gardens - often the only available space to store the waste.  In these circumstances, our advice is to prepare the area where waste will be stored for collection with boards, this enables the Grab to collect all waste without causing damage to lawned areas.  Please do not use sheeting as it is not possible for us to collect all waste without causing damage to a lawn or the sheeting itself.


How do I know my waste will not be fly tipped?

We are registered Waste Carriers with valid license from the CITB and Environment Agency.  We only use licensed recycling facilities that are strictly monitored and controlled by the Environment Agency.


How can I pay for my grab hire and aggregate supplies?

Payment including VAT can be made via cash, cheque or Bank transfer.  For regular customers, we are able to set up account and invoicing facilities with payment terms.  Please call us to discuss.